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Here are the top 12 reasons to open a VIP domain stores hosted by ZUQW.com
Top 12 Reasons to Open a VIP Domian Store
  1. Your own domain store can be created with unlimited product designs. Buyers of your domain stores, will not be redirected to ZUQW.com , because all sales will be done on your own domain, they will stay in your store and purchase products you designed.

  2. Lowest monthly fees. 30 days free trial, $9.95 per month, including the web hosting of your domain stores.

  3. Customizable shipping fees, we charge $0.00, VIP store owners can do markup, shipping fees markup will be share with you and us evenly.

  4. VIP base pricing can be markup (average $5.00 lower than other companies.)

  5. Make Your Own Design feature is available, which means your store visitors can upload their own images in your website and make their own products and purchase. The make your own design base prices can also be markup. Keep in mind, everything is done in your own domain stores.

  6. Coupon code manager: You can set your own domain store coupon codes, like "Save $5 off $20 purchases", or "Free shipping service" to promote your VIP domain stores, which is a must when you are promoting your domain stores.

  7. Over 100 templates for you to choose from, it can be less duplicated templates, choose your favourite templates yourself.

  8. You can add your own custom pages, to fit your needs, like Contact Us or About Us pages.

  9. You can get your own custom logo, header and footer in the invoices enclosed with the shipments to your buyers, you can put your store coupon codes or custom message on the invoices, in order to attract them to re-order from your website.

  10. Real-time Reporting Center - User and Order Manager

  11. Paypal Payments - All your store profits will be sent to you by Paypal payment, once your profits reach the certain amount you set, PayPal is the world's trusted way to pay and get paid online.

  12. You can easily get the words "This shop is Powered by ZUQW.com " removed if you paid extra a few dollars per month, then your VIP domains stores can be 100% individual from ZUQW.com (which means that ZUQW.com is 100% hidden), visitors and buyers of your domain stores will never know that you are powered by ZUQW.com .
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